Miyachy.com offers dropshipping services to all registered customers at no extra charge. Regardless of whether you are planning to create a general online store, or something a bit more specialized, you'll be able to find all the stock you need at Miyachy.com. No costly inventories, no complicated online account systems to manage, we'll do it all.To start dropshipping with Miyachy.com, Miyachy.com now offers extra-special savings and exclusive benefits to Drop-shippers, for detail-take a look at our Quarterly Rebate Program.

Rebate Program

Members of our dropshipping program will receive quarterly rebate, according to the chart shown below:

Quarterly SalesDiscount(Credit rebate to customer's account)
US$1,000 =< Sales < US$2,0007%
US$2,000 = < Sales < US$3,50010%
US$3,500 =< Sales < US$5,00013%
Sales > US$5,00015%

If you are interested in this program, please contact us and we will personally handle your request!

Getting started is as easy as 1..2..3

Now you are ready to begin the process of owning your own Internet business. Simply complete the following three steps:

1, Choose the items which you want to order for your customers.

2, Provide your customers' shipping address.

3, After we confirm the completed payment for your dropship order, we will ship the items to your customers' address.

How Dropship Works

1, Customer goes to your website and places an order.

2, Customer places and pays you for the order.

3, You place the same order with the dropshipper and keep the profits.

4, Dropshipper ships item to your customer without your customer knowing it is dropshipped.

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